Buy sculptures - art gallery Artvie provides the best opportunities

At ARTVIE we really enjoy sculptures. They add depth and dimension to art. They add tactile feel which paintings (gouache or oil) cannot. Sculptures allow people to feel the artwork, rather than simply looking at it. Through the tactile feel of a bronze sculpture, one can feel the cuteness in an animal. Joy or distress can also be felt through the sharp angles or smooth curves of a figurative sculpture. 

At ARTVIE we offer plenty of sculptures for sale. They come in various shapes, sizes, themes and materials. For the best quality, we prefer bronze or marble as a material. Bronze is a traditional material that has been used throughout the world and for many centuries. The technique of casting bronze, called the lost wax method has been used and improved over centuries, and is still used to this day. The Lost Wax method is a favourite among many sculptors. Marble on the other hand, cannot be cast, but must be worked on by hand. It is a difficult yet impressive and rewarding process. Essentially, this means that every marble sculpture will unique, while bronze sculptures come in editions. Both materials allow sculptors to create amazing very detailed and captivating sculptures. Moreover, bronze and marble are materials that allow for far more artistic expression that vinyl or other materials and will far better stand the test of time. One only needs to enter a museum to understand how long marble and bronze sculptures can last without much decay.

Sculptures also offer a sensation of movement and freedom that other mediums fail to portray. Taking sculptures by the Belgian female artist Nancy Vuylsteke de Lapss as an example, her art gives the impression of flow, of movement and beautifully portrays the human body and spirit. Bronze Animals sculptures are also a favourite in the art world, and in our online art gallery. Sculptures beautifully capture a moment in time, an action, and thus can portray complex scenes. A great example would be the incredible bronze bears by award winning French sculptor Michel Bassompierre, which are available on our website. 

One of the other advantages of the bronze sculptures we have for sale are their versatility. Due to the use of Bronze, they can be places inside or outside. Such sculptures do not fear the outdoors and can therefore be used as a beautiful talking piece in anyone’s garden. We hope you enjoy the selection of sculptors we have for sale. Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.